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TVAL - Temperature Validated Assured Loads

 With  a fleet of temperature-controlled straight trucks, we're prepared to  transport all your products requiring refrigeration. We do it every day…  and we do it very well. 


It's all about driver comfort and Professional Service​

 Our drivers have the experience to move  sensitive loads and keep your investment dry and out of harm's way until  it reaches the right loading dock.  

Expedited trucking

What is expediting?

Focused Service

Simply put expediting is moving a customers freight from one location to another as quickly and safely as possible.  As an expediter we are usually expected to load only one customer's freight and take it straight to the delivery as quickly as is safely possible. 

Speedy Delivery

 Most of our loads are small, low weight loads that need to get to their destinations as soon as possible. We are an over the road service and must be ready to pick up and drive on often short notice.  


Our Temperature Validated trucks guarantee that our customers loads can be kept at a +/- 3 degree range. We can prove this to the customer with our high-tech equipment that constantly measures temperature in the cargo hold and prints out the readings for the customers. 

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 Dean Shelton 

Account Manager


 Evin Knight 



 Joe & Carol Shelton 

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